paint your life

Paint your life. Allow your heart to guide the brush, your soul to survey the palette, your mind to curate your creation.

Allow the wind to blow together, and away, the pieces that shan’t remain, and those with turbulence tamed.

Breathe life into your step, call forth your inner depth.

Stare. Stare into the mirror, look at your eyes. What do you see? Who do you meet? You deserve the attention that only you can provide, the sweetness only you can taste, the love that only you can maintain.

Look in the mirror. It’s you, it’s only you, it’s all of you, it’s fully you. Don’t run. Breathe. You’re not a monster, you’re not weak. You are wonderful. You are light. Paint your life. It’s yours, and only yours. Take care. Take special care. Look for beauty. Follow your inspired action. Slow down. Take it in. Live fast. Be a paradox. You’re delicious.

I love you.


everyone’s doing the best they can

To realize that everyone is doing the best they can in every moment. No blame. Maybe this isn’t logical or correct, but it gives me some relief from the haunting presence of the judgements and fingers pointed at every person who has ‘done me wrong.’ So, if nothing else, this admission of compassion is a selfish quest to implement forgiveness and love across the board for the benefit of my own god damn heart.

mes rêves

Last night, I dreamt i was an actress. A real actress, in a real tv show, with real lines, and a real trailer. Last night, I dreamt my dreams were real.

I was on set with kind women of beautiful face and strong character. Warm and inviting, including and honest, understanding and soft. We danced together, chatted together, worked together, and formed a bond. I can’t tell you I’ve felt such a sense of community and tribe power in my waking hours.

This dream reminds me of my inner most desires to cultivate relationships intermingled with passion and inspiration; a main driver in creating this site platform. Collaborations are what excite me, and what is acting if not a grand collaboration.

I can hear my spirit knocking, waking me, nudging me to take a leap, a longer leap, a leap beyond the safety of these four walls in this here home. ‘Cassidy, it’s time,’ says my inner voice. And to that I say; ‘I know.. I know.’

Orgasmic magic

To find my wildest pleasure is to return home, to a piece of me forgotten; worse rejected. My art spirit. My expresser. The me who loves to perform. My essence, and my r’aison d’être. My j’oie de vivre. The actress and the dancer. Two legs of a three legged stool, that which, including writing, I cannot live without, cannot breathe without, refuse to live without, have lived without for too long.

To act is to throw the body, the entire body, the whole being into a character that is both foreign and familiar, and relish in their skin. An orgasmic rush draws over me as I inhabit another, as I inhabit myself. Feeling every inch of me transform, as if by magic, un-fragmented, without thought, and into form.

The soul will tell you what you need

Your heart will bless the blood you bleed

If only you will listen in

To let the body’s wisdom win.

Thinking on The PURPOSE OF LIFE

Really light material, I know. Aside from giving our love to others and bettering the planet and its inhabitants to the best of our abilities, what selfish reason do we have to be here?

We have embodied these human vessels with feelings and desires, dreams and inner fires, a profound love that never tires.

There is such pleasure in being physically able to experience sensation. A deep appreciation which I am only coming to right now, I mean literally right. Now.

They say gratitude is of the utmost importance, but you cannot force it. It must arise naturally, and as it is right now, I am grateful to be alive.