Breathe Deeply,

Sing Sweetly,

Night be mine in Light of Day.

Souls Haunting,

Floating Fondly,

Bridges Torn and Drawn Away.

Let go Now,

Don’t know How,

God’ll turn my Fears to Faith.

Soft n’ Shallow,

Deeply Allow

Heaven’s Gates to be



mes rêves

Last night, I dreamt i was an actress. A real actress, in a real tv show, with real lines, and a real trailer. Last night, I dreamt my dreams were real.

I was on set with kind women of beautiful face and strong character. Warm and inviting, including and honest, understanding and soft. We danced together, chatted together, worked together, and formed a bond. I can’t tell you I’ve felt such a sense of community and tribe power in my waking hours.

This dream reminds me of my inner most desires to cultivate relationships intermingled with passion and inspiration; a main driver in creating this site platform. Collaborations are what excite me, and what is acting if not a grand collaboration.

I can hear my spirit knocking, waking me, nudging me to take a leap, a longer leap, a leap beyond the safety of these four walls in this here home. ‘Cassidy, it’s time,’ says my inner voice. And to that I say; ‘I know.. I know.’

in time

There may be a riot inside,

My heart might just be whimpering No,

The whistling notes of the fight

That are calling me, beckoning: Go.

The whisper that sung out before,

Once a cry; distant, faint, and obscure,

Now a bellowing deep throated roar,

For the first time no longer unsure.

You and I were a moment in time,

Held at length we descended our days,

We were only forgiven the crime

To repair what would later decay.

As we mentioned our trials ran deep,

With no such intent to unwind,

For the path led to mountains too steep,

And the love that we had fell behind.

There’s a warmth in my soul that’s been lost,

And a hole in my chest that’s been found,

I know now that this life has a cost,

And that hearts that are free can’t be bound.


Desperate to be loved. Desperate to be seen. Desperate for the rush of chemicals you give me when you make me bleed.
Desperate for the ounce of affection you dole out
One tiny pill swallowed by an ocean of denial.
You make me weak, but I let you.
It isn’t really your fault, the patterns carved your path
You walked the paved brick road
Like clockwork it was math.
They left you clues from when I was young, etched indelibly into my skin
My mistake to assume you’d look deeper within
A lifetime of reaching for something to fill
All the aches and the emptiness haunting me still
Afraid to follow the voice that I hear
That says darling it’s fine you must walk through this fear
A longing for loving from anyone here
Who’d bring closure to chaos and still hold me near
A desperation they can all smell that repulses their senses and pushes me farther into a corner where there I shall stay, for I don’t blame you or them I know that I reek of the pain that I feel and the words that I speak
Come loaded and tainted and filthy and bleak
And it’s clearer than day no one cares for a freak