to vegan or not to vegan; the science, the biohacker, the bacon, and the butter.


intro to health

If you’re still alive, your ability to gain optimal, superhuman health, and vitality through basic natural practice is absolute (I’mma live to 200 just sayin’). To heal is to remove internal, external, and environmental toxins tying you down, and in turn allow the innate forces of the universal power circulating within and throughout, to heal you. Simple implementations of sun exposure (AM sunrise, midday/solar noon, tanning/red light beds, PM sunset), limiting blue light from artificial sources (such as light fixtures and lit screens), EMF protection, proper hydration (both consuming structured water and creating fourth phase/exclusion zone water within your cells), nutritional ketosis with high levels of polyphenols and DHA (from the whole fish not the supplement), high intensity interval training and periodic heavy weight or resistant body weight training, and grounding to the magnetic field of the earth (walk barefoot, hug a fucking tree), are a few things that we can all do, like right now.

These little changes all begin to hack and upgrade your mitochondria (your cell’s semi conductors and energy generators), and improve the efficiency of electron chain transport across the mitochondrial membrane leading to stellar function on a cellular level. This, in turn leads to exponential, and non linear energy flow for a better you in every. single. way.

If that sounded like a bunch of gibberish, I will do my best to explain in future posts, but for now, I will link below some sources to get you started on what I have found to be a fascinating and ever evolving world of bio hacking, epi genetics, and quantum biology, that have led me to a golden staircase of health, fuelled by my insatiable worldly wonder.

I will update this section regularly with the most recent biohacks and cutting edge health science and epigenetic quantum biology that I stumble across, while sharing with you my transforming self! Remember, I ain’t no doctor, and I ain’t making medical claims. I’m just a gal with a passion for the science of quantum biology and hacking impeccable health. Let’s all be our best badass super(wo)men and own this planet we inhabit in the name of love! With that said; enjoy, my dear darlings.

look into the basics of Mitochondria;

and for a trip down the rabbit hole;

and if you’d like to read an easy to digest book on the subject pick up a copy of Robert O. Becker’s 80’s book; ‘ElectroMagnetism and Life,’

and to detox your brain from all that thinking, heal your soul with me, and listen to;