Breathe Deeply,

Sing Sweetly,

Night be mine in Light of Day.

Souls Haunting,

Floating Fondly,

Bridges Torn and Drawn Away.

Let go Now,

Don’t know How,

God’ll turn my Fears to Faith.

Soft n’ Shallow,

Deeply Allow

Heaven’s Gates to be



Let me try to explain

img_7838-e1509991479190.jpgSo, my vision for this website / blog / community / online magazine is to create a platform to funnel my ever expanding passions, and welcome others to do the same.

I will be sharing my films, poetry, writing, dance, and photographs, with sectors of delicious recipes, restaurant reviews, health, humanity, emerging science, biohacking, lifestyle, beauty, love, animal welfare, book clubs, and more.

We will also explore the arts, attend exhibits and events, and follow those visits with reviews and critiques. We will feature exciting artists, and host interviews with human beings who we find fabulous.

This site will walk the line of seamless classic elegance, and honest self-exposure. We will discuss hot topics with emotional charge, and question the principals of humanity, society, and the dogmas of our culture, with unbiased interviews and essays.

This will all fall under the umbrella of anything that I, and we, are passionate about; no boundaries, no limits. Always coming back to what I believe to be the core of life, and all that really matters in the end; love.

We will house a safe place for all to come and openly express themselves, connect with like and unlike minds, and a place for collaborations to blossom by means of sharing ideas, skills, resources, connections, and ultimately linking up to see their visions and dreams through.

There will be an emphasis on healing trauma, through the only way that I know; sharing my past and continuing story, loving those who come my way, and finding new ways to offer my heart and open my arms to whatever I can do to help the world find peace.

I want this site to be a place of truth and fire, passion and beauty, raw sensual energy and divine perfection.

Ultimately, I am creating a place for me to be me, and a place for you to be you. A place to dump all my shit, and a welcome home to express and celebrate the angels and demons colliding and residing in the deepest depths of all of our souls.